UnitedFacets is a collection of scripts for the Unity game engine that allows implementation of distributed Unity applications. Specifically, it can be used for frame synchronization of multiple Unity application instances over a network interface using an MPI based Softlock mechanism. Moreover, the scripts allow for synchronization of Unity Transforms and distribution of Events across Unity application instances. Finally, a set of Editor Scripts allows creating a Unity camera system that mimics a real-world display setup (e.g. tiled display wall).

You can download UnitedFacets from the GutHub:


Unfortunately, I do not have too much time to continue the development of the library, so any help will be much appreciated.

Alternatively, you can use the UNICAVE plugin that was created by students and researchers at UW-Madison. The plugin is open source and being actively developed. More information about the UNICAVE plugin could be found here: https://unicave.discovery.wisc.edu/ or https://github.com/livingenvironmentslab/UniCAVE


Install Runtime Environment (Ubuntu 16.04)

Step by Step Example for Two Instances (Displays)


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