Here, I keep a track of books I am currently reading or I’ve read and reflect a bit on their content 😉

Books I am currently reading / listening

Polnaya Zh by Radislav Gandapas

I have already seen a lot of videos of this author, and I like the book so far.

Books I’ve read in 2020

The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner

This is a great book. It does not contain too many details on the creation process of the POP game, though it is very interesting to read it. The book is more about coming of age accompanied by fears, confusions, and search of a purpose. Very melancholic and very nostalgic. I will definitely read the Karateka book.

Der Weg zur Finanziellen Intelligenz by Nina Klose

This is another German audiobook about how to manage finances. The reading was OK, yet the content is only suitable for those who have never touched that topic. Very short.

Jetzt Rocke Ich Meine Finanzen Selbst! by Daniel Korth

This is an audiobook in German, which tells you how to manage finances. I was not convinced by the quality of the reading. The content is OK if you are a beginner on that topic. Most interesting were the explanations of the financial concepts.

Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know by Philip Kotler

his book was a bit disappointing. It provides a short description of various marketing terms. All in all, it is like a long list where each list item contains an explanation, maybe a funny business story and eventually another list with sub-terms. This probably a good reference book, yet I would not recomend to buy it as an audiobook or even ebook.

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth by Christopher Golden

I have to say that I enjoyed reading this book. I am a huge fan of all Uncharted games and this book provided me with an opportunity to experience another great adventure together with Drake and Sully. I found the language a little bit difficult, but this is probably because English is not my first language and the book contains many terms that you usually do not use in day to day life. I hope there will be more Uncharted games and books in the future.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This was an interesting and motivational book. The author offers another perspective on life and provides a great number of tips and examples of how you can improve it (life). There are a lot of repetitions that disturbed me first, but then I get used to it and enjoyed the book. The book makes you think which means it is worth buying and reading. I am also a hundred percent with the author that school systems in most countries are crap.