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Join the epic battle for a cake. Slip into a role of the brave space-captain Cosmopig. Use his ultimative, secret power to navigate in space and gather the delicious, tasty cakes. Accept the challenge, but be careful! Because it is hard! It is awful, crazy, amazing hard! It will make you cry, it will make you scream! But do not give up! Cosmopig needs you! Cheer up!

English badge

Contains 300 original questions from the official questionnaire. Prepare yourself for the German Citizenship Test by working through the questions one by one or by taking random tests. Detailed results of the last 30 tests are saved and are available for retrieval and analysis at any time.


Developed for: Windows Mobile 7 – Status: discontinued

Build the towers so high as you can in the HIGHEST Mode! Or hit the highscore in the CLASSIC Mode!

Infinity Road

Developed for: iOS – Status: discontinued

Infinity road is a racing game in which the player tries to stay alive on the track as long as he/she can. The success is measured in points, which amount can be increased by gathering of the point-balls. The main feature of the game is that the route is generated on-the-fly. So each time you start the new game, it will be different.