Experiment “dots” (en)

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The Institute of Visual Computing at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences investigates collaborative work on large, high-resolution displays. Gained knowledge should aid researchers and developers to build better Groupware for large, high-resolution displays.


Two participants are collaborating on a large, high-resolution display. Interaction with the display takes place by means of smartphones. Each participant holds one in his/her hands. On the display, multiple folders are visualized. The participants have to open each folder and solve the contained task (answer the contained question, all questions are in English). Each time the participant solves a task, the folder symbol becomes replaced by a file symbol with a number. After the tasks have been solved, the participants have to connect the file symbols with respect to the numbers on them. The performance of each team will be measured using different parameters like speed, number of correct answers etc. 

During the experiment, the 3d position of each participant has to be acquired and recorded. Thus, each participant has to wear a bicycle helmet with reflective markers.

Each experiment will last for max. 90 minutes depending on the team performance. The briefing and debriefing will take additional 30 minutes.


The applied methods should not cause any health problems or impairments. However, you will be free to reject participation in the experiment, if you have any concerns this regarding. In this case, the experiment will not take place. You are also free to quit the experiment at any time. 


Each participant will receive 15 euros at the end of the experiment. In case you are studying Economic Psychology, you will get additionally 2 test hours credited. Moreover, at the end of the project, we will raffle a 40 euros Amazon gift voucher off among all teams.

Privacy Policy

All data gained during this project will be handled confidentially within the limits of statutory regulations. Data will be kept for at least the duration of the project and will be stored securely. In cases of video and/or audio recordings the participants will be notified beforehand and asked for permission. Your data will be anonymized and will be used only for calculation of statistics. We will not share your data with a third person. 


For each registration, two participants are needed. To register yourself for the experiment please use the online form: http://experiment.sigitov.net